Thursday, February 03, 2011

Super Bowl Wager Between Brown County and Pittsburgh Library Directors

Lynn Stainbrook, director of Brown County Library in Green Bay, has made a friendly Super Bowl wager with Barbara Mistick, director of the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. Lynn reports that she will be offering the following books:
  • The Cheese Lover’s Companion: the Ultimate A to Z Cheese Guide to help Pittsburgh readers love Cheeseheads as much as we love Pittsburgh for sending us Mike McCarthy.
  • Johnsonville Big Taste of Sausage Cookbook. Packer fans thrive on bratwurst and sausage, especially in below freezing tailgating weather. We’re sure that Pittsburgh fans will find it tasty.
  • Quickie Makes the Team, a children’s book by a  Green Bay author who might have something to do with the outcome of the game on Sunday (Packer Donald Driver #80)
  • B is for Badger, a children’s alphabet book in which P is for Packers (S is not for Steelers)
  • Pro Tactics: Steelhead & Salmon: Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch More and Bigger Fish. Lynn is confident our NFC Pros will use a few secrets to catch the Steelhead big fish.
  • Escape; the Story of the Great Houdini. For the Steelers to win, they must pull some magic tricks to escape the Packer defense.
  • When Pride Still Mattered – the biography of, and now Broadway play,  “Lombardi “. I understand the Steelers have a couple of his trophies. Pittsburgh readers might enjoy learning about the man those trophies were named for.
  • Art of Towel Origami  - something for Steeler fans to do with their Terrible Towels and since the towels are made in Wisconsin,  if the Steelers win, we’ll hope that Steeler fans will keep buying the towels and providing revenue for Wisconsin.
 And from Pittsburgh, Lynn reports that their wager is:
  • About Three Bricks Shy-- and the Load Filled Up: The Story of the Greatest Football Team Ever / Roy Blount, Jr
  • City of Champions. (CD) / Jimmy Pol Coming Home. (CD) / Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers
  • Fallingwater Cookbook / Suzanne Martinson
  • It's The Neighborhoods (DVD) / WQEDLighthead  /  Terrance Hayes
  • Pittsburgh: A New Portrait / Franklin Toker
  • Steel City Confessions / Thomas Lipinski
  • Steel Town / Jonah Winter
  • The Baby Goes Beep – board book version – Rebecca O’Connell
  • The Chief / Jim O’Brien
Go Pack Go!

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