Sunday, February 20, 2011

POSTPONED: Library Legislative Day

Library Legislative Day, which had been scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, is postponed due to weather and logistical factors related to the large crowds rallying about the governor's budget repair bill. 

While the crowds protesting (and in some cases, supporting) Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill have been very well-behaved, we knew that access to the Capitol would be a bit challenging. Initially, offices were accessible, but over the weekend, Capitol Police restricted access to just two entrances and regulated the numbers of people moving in and out of the building. 

We don't know whether those restrictions will continue or not, but we didn't want to risk your traveling to the event only to be denied access. Finally, we were concerned that our message about libraries would be lost in the hubbub surrounding the budget repair bill. Even legislative staff, as tireless as they have been working, are exhausted and may have a difficult time devoting their attention fully to your visit.

Please stay tuned about plans to reschedule Library Legislative Day.

Thank you for your patience!


Brendan said...

Has the WLA promoted any agenda or talking points related to Walker's budget repair bill? Since legislative day is upon us it seems only appropriate.

Lisa Strand said...

Yes, there is a post on the blog that articulates our statement opposing the budget repair bill, and also the call to action was issued to all members via our online contact center.

Lisa Strand said...

The call to action is: