Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will You Be My Friend...On Facebook?

Julie Fricke and Ben Williard gave a thorough introduction to Facebook from both a historical and library perspective. They shared some of the capabilities, controversies, and social norms of the networking software from a librarian's perspective (Julie's) and from that of a former student (Ben's).

Even those of us that use Facebook regularly did discover something new here. I also learned from the audience questions that many of the library world are less familiar. My favorite question was someone wanting to know if the time spent with Facebook came back to users (I'm paraphrasing and interpreting, of course) in the form of enriched social lives!

Those of us who use Facebook and the like can easily answer that question.

Picture is of Julie showing one of the many Facebook applications, this one to show what areas of the world a user has been, lived, or to which she longs to travel.

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