Thursday, April 17, 2008

WAAL 2008: Key thoughts and phrases

Just a few thoughts from Wednesday: (My personal comments are in red)
Keynote speaker, Mr. Price:

"Infopreneaur" (sp?)-- we deal with information, and making it available.

RSS feeds-- not really used that much, email still the best way to alert patrons about anything new. (People are too busy, a gentle reminder works better than maybe having time to read a feed.)

Most people still have no clue what libraries, librarians can offer.
"Right tool at the right time" -- Books, Web, Fee-based content (-- need a better word, even "subscription databases" is clumsy term. Lay people are thinking...?huh?).

Most people (even instructors) still have no clue what we can offer: Tools and Training.
Who's teaching the teachers? (Short discussion from audience.)
Can people use what they don't know about? Vendors not much help. They need to provide more support materials we can use to help promote to the public what they're providing us.

"If we do things right, we can save people time, effort, and aggravation." Especially time! We offer invaluable service in this regard. How do we let people know?? (Going back to the idea of us being "Infopreneaurs"?)

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