Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WLA Bylaws Amendments Proposed: Vote at Annual Business Meeting

The WLA Board has approved bylaws amendments for presentation to the membership at the annual business meeting, scheduled Thursday, November 4, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the WLA Conference in Wisconsin Dells.

The purpose of the amendments is to foster a leadership focus on benefit for members, and respond to members’ interests and needs more adeptly. The changes invite participation and engagement of the members. They also improve accountability of all programs to the association membership by creating shared financial and strategic goals.  The amendments also seek to adopt consistent practices throughout the organization to streamline operations.

Here is a summary of the proposed changes:

•    While the purpose of divisions would remain the same as currently stated in the bylaws, the purpose of sections and round tables would be modified to focus on sharing knowledge. The current purpose of sections and round tables is to promote the study and development of a particular function or aspect of librarianship. The new purpose: To explore, develop and share knowledge about particular functions or issues related to the library profession or workplace which have relevance for one or more types of libraries, library workers or supporters.

•    Units (divisions, sections and round tables) would have authority to adopt unique policies only where WLA policy is silent. The Committee on Organization would work to create uniform procedures, where necessary, to avoid duplication of effort, while seeking the involvement of unit leadership to refine and establish sound practices across the association. For instance, policies on conference speaker compensation and planning documents have varied from unit to unit, causing confusion and duplication of effort. 

•    Units can retain their current authority to elect officers, but only elected chairpersons will be required for unit viability.

•    All unit projects would be incorporated into the overall WLA operating budget, rather than retain segregated unit project funds. This allows greater accountability for all programs and also ensures that smaller units have access to project funds for strategic initiatives. Divisions would no longer be able to impose dues in addition to those imposed by WLA.

Read the amended bylaws proposal for more information.

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