Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Things Government Does Right: Public Libraries and Parks

It's popular for some to bash government programs these days, and the sense of hopelessness because of the economny can leave you feeling, well - hopeless. But, according to a column appearing in the Appleton Post-Crescent today, government definitely does two things right: public libraries and parks. Here, here!

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"The public libraries offer unlimited information and education to anyone." And don't we wish this was true! It is always nice to be appreciated but this statement may be the new myth about Wisconsin's public libraries. So many of our libraries lack the funds to provide enough properly trained staff and space for "anyone". We may be considered first rate in terms of value to community but we are still second rate, at best, when it comes to paying for us. I appreciate the kind words in this article and I am grateful for the support our library receives. We will continue to offer the best services our resources allow. Thanks again for the support.