Thursday, November 06, 2008

WLA 2008: Keeping it all Together: One Library's Strategy for Electronic Resource Management

Bill Doering from UW-La Crosse Murphy Library presented on the Access database that he created to manage the increasing number of licensed electronic resources. The database tracks everything from vendor contacts, passwords, journal subscriptions to database payment information and much more.

Bill started off reviewing what an ERMs (Electronic Resource Managment Systems) is and they can do for you:
  • Provide contact information when a product is down.
  • Help you keep track of what e-resources will be up for renewal.
  • Help you to forecast e-resources expenditures for the next year.
  • Provide you with cost over time for a product
Because commercial ERMs can cost tens of thousands he decided to build one for UW-La Crosse and has made it available to any library to download for free. It can be downloaded at The web site includes a download for the current version and instructions. Bill only asks that you let him know that you will be using it so that he can send you monthly updates.

Access ERM will allow you to:
  • Retrieve information by
    • vendor /contacts
    • database /cost history
    • alternate access
    • problems with the database
  • Reports for
    • renewals for a date range
    • year to year price comparison
    • payments for the e-resource
    • payments
    • database uses for a fiscal year
The database is a great start for managing e-resources if you don't have lots of money to throw at a commercial product.

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