Monday, October 10, 2011

WLA Election Results

The WLA Nominations & Elections Committee has tabulated the results of the 2011 WLA elections.  On behalf of the WLA Board of Directors and the Nominations & Elections Committee, I would like to congratulate all candidates for their willingness to present themselves in service to the membership.   The winners of contested elections are indicated with asterisks. Uncontested elections merely list the name of the candidate who will take office.
Again, thank you to all those individuals who were willing to step forward in service to the profession.  Your colleagues are grateful for your leadership.
WLA Vice-President/President-Elect
*Paula Ganyard 301
Julie Schneider 294
WLA ALA Councilor
*Marge Loch-Wouters 423
Lynn Stainbrook 183
WLA Foundation Board of Directors
*Cheryl Becker 364
Nikki Busch 236
Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians (AWSL) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Megan Wiseman
AWSL Secretary
Amy O’Shea
Government Information Round Table (GIRT) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Eileen Snyder
GIRT Secretary
Karen Probst
GIRT Planning Committee
Nyama Marsh
Library User Education Round Table (LUERT) Secretary
Cynthia Huebschen
LUERT Member-At-Large
Karen Eckburg 12
*Joseph Hardenbrook 22
Shannon Schultz 17
New Members Round Table (NMRT) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Katharine Clark
Outreach Services Round Table (OSRT) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Cassie Payne
Readers Section (READ) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Brett Rohlwing
Reference & Adult Services Section (RASS) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Melissa Kazmer
Resource Sharing Round Table (RSRT) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Christine Barth
Support Staff Section (SSS) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Kelly Kroes 12
Katie Skull 1
*Jennifer Williams 20
SSS Secretary
Jodi Bennett
SSS Public Library Director-at-large
Chris Raulusonis
Technical Services Section (TSS) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Inese Christman 20
*Cheryl Nessman 44
TSS Secretary
Leah Ujda
Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Kathy Myers
WAAL Secretary
*Joshua Hickman 100
Emily Rogers 63
Sheila Stoeckel
Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians (WAPL) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Linda Vincent
WAPL Director
Katharine Clark 114
*Denise Anton Wright 201
Wisconsin Genealogy & Local History Round Table (WIGLHR) Secretary
Anne Kasuboski
Wisconsin Library Trustees & Friends (WLTF) Chair
Carol Chapman
WLTF Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Carole Edland
WLTF Liaison to the WLA Board
Alice Sturzl
Wisconsin Small Libraries Section (WISL) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Lee Schauer
WISL Secretary
Edie Phillips
WISL 1st Year Director
Laura Rose
Youth Services Section (YSS) Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Sue Abrahamson
YSS Secretary
Jennifer McNaughton
YSS Director-at-Large
*Ellen Jepson 56
*Anna Haase Krueger 69

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