Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WAAL10: Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking

Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking
Marni Bekkedal, WI Dept. of Health

* Part of National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

* Face difficulties with combining environmental hazard datasets + exposure datasets + health effect datasets.

* Need to agree on definitions of terms

* Owned by different governmental agencies and private entities across country, requires negotiations.
* How do you match data sets geographically?  Some sets use zip codes, some use counties, some use GIS coordinates for monitoring stations which are only located in a few places, etc.

* Which data can/should/will be released to the public online?  Some is "suppressed" for privacy reasons, others considered "unstable" because not large enough statistical sample.

* Websites are very user-friendly, visual; Wisconsin's has built-in logic that only allows queries that will result in data

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