Sunday, October 25, 2009

WLA 2009: "Motivational Magic: Keeping Your Passion in Times"

presented by Marcy Heim, The Artful Asker.

Although her main focus is working with groups to help them with fundraising, this session was about "13 factors for joy and success." The mnemonic is "RELATIONSHIPS."

R = Respect
E = Encouragement
L = Listening
A = Appreciation/Gratitude
T = Trust
I = Intuition
O = Order
N = Nurturing/Understanding
S = Sense of Humor
H = Hope and faith
I = Integrity
P = Passion
S = Sleep and eat (and exercise)

For each of the 13 factors she asked us to come up with one action we will try to do every day.

Why are relationships important? Relationships, more than any other factor, determine the quality of your life. Choose to focus on the people in our lives at work and home--this is what helps you keep your passion.

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