Sunday, October 25, 2009

WLA 2009: "Is Your Community Money Smart?"

Speakers: Lori Burgess, Fond du Lac Public Library, Christine Arkenberg, Milwaukee Public Library, Jeff Dawson, Lester Public Library (Two Rivers), Dave Mancl, Office of Financial Literacy.

This was great--The Office of Financial Literacy in the Department of Financial Institutions will help your library and others you partner with to sponsor workshops, seminars, programs, events, and other activities aimed at improving financial literacy. They'll help with printing, securing speakers, and other things. As Jeff Dawson of Two Rivers said, this is the 3rd year his library has participated in Money Smart week, "without lifting a finger."

Seems to me, given the current economy, these types of programs are a great idea. Partner with local college or tech school to offer programs for freshmen who are managing their money for the first time. Partner with senior centers to offer programs for senior citizens who are living on a fixed income. You get the idea.

Money Smart Week is October 2-9 in 2010. See for more info!

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