Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WAAL Conference: IT/Library Collaboration Makes It


Dr. Kathy Davis, Director, UW-Stevens Point
Aaron F. Nichols, Access Services Librarian

Importance of improving relations:

Both departments have similar goals and serve the same audience (students & staff) although they have different approaches


Perceived differences
competition for funding
different cultures/goals
competition for "turf"
growth rates/merging
Security vs. accessiblitiy

Collaborative Benefits:
Expands the Library as a technology rich gathering place for students which promotes the availability of technology
Lets Library/IT staff to focus on what they do best
Allows IT to appropriately channel $$ to enhance the library resources while still meeting IT needs
Planning opportunities for sustainable applications of technology for faculty & students


Library gained $30,000 dollars in funding from the student technology fee allowing them to purchase databases
Pilots/Grants-ipods/MP3s, streaming video project, computer availability kiosk
Planning-security, infrastructure, support, future
Expanded technology facilities- computer pods on all floors, computer equipped study roomsm presentation practice rooms, etc.
New furnishings in public areas
Shared staffing- for support, training, building on expertise

Collaborative group project room (Idea Studio):
Students use for group projects, presentation practice, presentation filming, medai viewing
Faculty/Staff use for departmental meetings, online seminars, presentation, classroom
Very well equipped room with TV, speakers, projector/screen, PC, digital video camera/tripod, moveable tables, moveable whiteboard

Group Project Zone:
PCs with 22" monitor set in pods of 6

Group Study Rooms:
Nine group study rooms enhanced with computers. One unique room with visual equipment (4-6 people per room)

Presentation Practice Room:
Projector, PC with wireless components

Enhanced with PCs, TVs with couches

Laptop program:
IT directly provides & supports the program, but are circulated from the library

Computer availability kiosk; shows where the computers are and their availability

Excellent Q&A followed

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