Thursday, March 06, 2008

NY Study Reaffirms Link Between School Librarians, Student Achievement

A study from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies that finds language test scores in New York State schools with certified librarians are higher than in those schools without librarians. These preliminary findings indicated a 10-point increase of certain test scores in schools with library media specialists. More information on the research results is available from the New York Library Association.

In Wisconsin, a study conducted for the Department of Public Instruction in 2006 examined the leadership and instructional roles of Wisconsin public school library media specialists required for a quality school library media program. It found a direct relationship with and impact on student achievement and learning across all grade levels when qualified school library media specialists are present.

The WLA Foundation’s Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries produced two ads showcasing the study results. Those are available at (See “Even Rocket Scientists Need Librarians” and “If Knowledge is Power, Libraries are Power Plants”). For a link to the study itself, see

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