Friday, August 31, 2007

Judith Krug to speak on the “Interesting” Times of Intellectual Freedom

Judith Krug, American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom Director, will present a WLA pre-conference Tuesday, October 16 on the most pressing issues facing LIS professionals today - Patriot Act, censorship, disappearing information, and current legal issues in library buildings and spaces. After Ms. Krug's keynote, participants will have an opportunity to engage in small group discussions around major IF issues, with IFRT Round Table members facilitating. The groups will reconvene and under Ms. Krug’s leadership, discuss their group’s findings.

The pre-conference is sponsored by the Intellectual Freedom Round Table, the Wisconsin Library Trustees & Advocates, and the Center for Information Policy Research, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For more information, see or register using the conference registration form:

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Perhaps one of the group discussions should center on Judith Krug and the ALA's own censorship. Why was Greg McClay's name censored out of a voting card in the manner it was as admitted and there were no consequences? See ALA Election Fraud and subsequent posts. Why was I blocked again and again by ever increasing hurdles from Judith Krug's so-called Office for Intellectual Freedom's class on library law named Lawyers for Libraries that should have been named Lawyers for Libraries But Only Those We Allow Into the Club? See Unequal Access. Why is there also no comment out of the ALA regarding the censorship of information about Senator Clinton from the Clinton Presidential Library? Why is the ALA censoring information about the treatment of Cuban librarians now being tortured, indeed even claiming they are not librarians?

I did not print this here to rain on your parade or provoke comments about me personally. Rather, these are legitimate questions for you to consider amongst yourselves.

How is it the OIF gets away with decrying claimed censorship while it (or the SRRT) does the same thing and worse? How is it parents trying to keep public schools from reading books containing bestiality and other inappropriate sexual content are tarred as being racist by Judith Krug merely because the author is Toni Morrison? See Group Targets Black Authors' Books; Toni Morrison's Novel Deemed 'Smut' by Parent; Acclaimed Memoir 'Black Boy' Also is Under Fire and also see my response: FOR PUBLICATION: Response to "Group Targets Black Author's Book". How is it Judith Krug ensures children in the Oak Lawn Public Library in Illinois maintain access to Playboy magazine even when 98% of the citizens are against this and the government officially asked the library to stop it? Krug's comment? "I get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children." See Oak Lawn Library Vows to Keep Playboy on Shelf.

How about group discussions on that topic?