Thursday, May 03, 2007

WAPL 2007: Let the Games Begin: Productive Activities for Teens @ Your Library

Peg Burington, Assistant Director & teen coordinator, Waupaca Area Public Library, along with SLAG (Student Library Advisory Group) members. Handouts will be posted at

Doing YA programming
  • Libraries should find productive teen activities – if either:
    • you don't have teens coming or
    • teens at library are not productive
  • Teen advisory group has officers, raises funds makes purchase decisions for materials & games
  • Apparent barriers can be overcome
    • no time
    • no money
    • no support

Characteristics of YAs

  • Seven developmental needs of young adolescents
  1. Physical activity
  2. Competence & achievement
  3. Self-definition
  4. Creative expression
  5. Positive social interaction with peers & adults
  6. Structure & Clear Limits
  7. Meaningful participation
  • Also: they travel in packs, they're brutally honest, they need positive influences in their lives

How To Make Programs Successful
  • Schedule programs at regular time
  • Include food in all programs, mention food in all PR
  • Do distinctive handouts on die cuts, have volunteers fill them out and distribute at school
  • Announcements at middle school
  • Email kids to get them to show up
  • Summer - activities every day, get one point per day for showing up, earn chances at prizes
  • Hot Topics a good place to shop for program supplies & prizes (Goth stuff) – use a trusted teen to do the shopping

  • Games
    • Apples to Apples - good for short attention spans, educational
    • Zobmondo - good for getting to know each other, exploring values
    • Man Bites Dog
    • Magic: the Gathering (tournaments every Wed. aft in summer with cards as prizes)
    • Video games can be purchased used or donated
    • Gaming policy developed by SLAG on website
    • DDR - Dance Dance Revolution - Playstation 2
    • Guitar Hero
    • Studies show DDR meets all developmental needs of teens
    • other PS2 games: Soul Calibur 1, 2, 3, Crash Bandicoot, Ace combat simulator, Madden 2007 football, Final Fantasy 12
  • Other activities
  • Genius pads - big sticky notes
  • Read poster software
  • Making buttons
  • - use your scanned images & photographs to make a book
  • Magnetic poetry
  • Goth sock puppets

Resource books
  • Connecting Young Adults and Libraries 3rd ed (the bible)
  • A Year of Programming for Teens
  • Teen Volunteer Services in Libraries
  • more information on YALSA web site

  • take kids book shopping twice a year
  • Have great browsing books, esp. "YALSA quick picks for reluctant readers"
  • "Book of bunny suicides"
  • Books about crafts, temporary tattoos, mehendi

  • car washes with cookout
  • washing windshields at truck stops
  • selling book bags, book lights, food in the library, food fridge in teen room
  • booths at community events
  • don't say you don't have money - once teens are using library, you have a fund raising machine
  • Waupaca got grants incl $15K from Community Foundation for YA furnishings

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