Thursday, November 02, 2006

WLA 2006: LibraryThing

Thursday 11am-12:15pm

LibraryThing is...
  • a web site for book lovers
  • a social network built around books -- you can connect to other people through the books you share
  • "kind of the Wikipedia of cataloging"
There are currently over 97,000 registered users.
Over 1000 members are librarians; see Librarians Who LibraryThing.

If LibraryThing were a library, it would be the 20th largest library in the United States.

Signing up is easy, and you don't have to give a lot of personal information to start your account.
LibraryThing is a fan of simplicity and privacy.
Your reading habits are online, but they're not connected to any personal data about you.
You can edit your profile with as little or as much as you like.
Many user profiles offer photos of cats, stacks of books, etc. not photos of oneself.

LibraryThing terms of use: "Be nice, please."

Add books to your library from...
  • Library of Congress
  • 60 other sources around the world
  • copying & pasting from other sources or manually type the book info
You can customize each of the 5 different views of your library.

The link to "People who own this book also own..." helps you find other books you might like.

RSS feeds are created for books you've recently added, and for reviews by others who also own your book titles.

Small libraries are using LibraryThing to catalog their collections.
Libraries are using the LibraryThing widget on their web pages to recomend books and list new titles.

John Klima at the Franklin Township Public Library uses it to make the Young Adult Librarian's Library Thing catalog.

"It's the long tail; it drives people deeper into the stacks."

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