Wednesday, November 01, 2006

WLA 2006: DLTCL Technology Update

Tuesday, 11am
Bob Bocher and Sally Drew

BadgerNet: started in 1994; 2nd generation implemented 2005-06.
  • New BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN) converges video and data.
  • Approx. 2800 circuits throughout the state; 470 k-12 and 408 public libraries.
  • Some BCN issues -- slow access -- some due to LAN/WAN issues; some circuits are undersized; who will pay (TEACH has maxed out current funding)?
  • Contact your library system ASAP if you're having BCN problems.
Shared ILS Cost Study (
Study to answer these questions:
  • What are the annual costs of shared systems?
  • Who pays?
  • What are different funding models?
  • What are benefits/issues of shared ILS?
Some findings:
  • 82% of libraries are in shared systems
  • 87% are satisfied with their shared ILS
  • Central management provides economy of scale and reduces local responsibilities
  • Members have access to a higher quality ILS, larger collections, enhanced resource sharing
  • It's an important service that patrons support
  • Need more tech support
  • Loss of autonomy -- no turning back
  • Challenges in developing common policies
  • Net lenders not always compensated
  • Increased demand for services
  • Work harder to standardize policies
  • Keep number of member libraries manageable
  • Address reciprocal borrowing issues
  • Increase state funding
  • Stay committed to quality control
  • Better delivery of software upgrades
  • Vendors need to address needs of shared systems
  • Need for better reports
  • More tech support
  • Add more best-sellers, e-resources
  • Enable readers to track what they've read, pay fines online
Funding issues
Statewide $6,167,698 spent annually on shared ILS
Local funding models vary

In next 4-8 years, should the state set a priority to implement a single, statewide system?
45% agree or strongly agree
29% disagree or strongly disagree

Gates Grants:
Division has received $86,000 to help sustain public access comuting in WI public libraries.
Will hold 11 workshops around the state, coordinated with systems (in first quarter 2007).
Workshops will focus on
  • technology support
  • budgeting for tech
  • fostering community support
ALA has $600,000 grant to address broadband issues in public libraries.

E-Rate update:
  • Libraries continue to struggle with application process
  • TEACH applies for libraries' data circuits
  • Many libraries don't apply for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • Some library systems provide support
  • CIPA caused a major drop in ISP discounts

FCC reviewing program ("cautiously optimistic"); ALA and DCTCL recommend:
  • Overall program simplification
  • Discounts go directly to school and libraries
  • Use state/local bidding and procurement processes

ALA has Gates grant to help increase library participation.

Federal Internet Issues:
Net neutrality:
FCC deregulated telecom ISPs raising neutrality issues -- underlying telecom structure doesn't have to comply with non-discrimination regulations --> internet isn't a level playing field
Libraries provide content without deep pockets to pay to make our content accessible.
US is about 16th in broadband subscribers.

Court finds FCC can extend CALEA to the Internet (CALEA makes it easier for wiretaps, etc.)
ALA: "Move compliance out of the library" -- moves it upstream to ISP
Federal DOJ moving aggressively to track internet use.

Telecom reform bill passed House, now in Senate.

Badgerlink Redesign:
Virtual Reference:
  • DLTCL paying for 24/7 chat and email reference coverage for state
  • 30 participating libraries/systems
  • User group meeting at WLA Thursday 9am
  • AskAway:
  • PR website:
  • AskAway Best Practices sessions via Wisline Web 3rd Thursday of every month at 10:30am.
  • Info and reg links:
  • July 1-Oct. 15, there were 4700 "sessions" with either live chat or web forms, including 1861 Wisconsin chats -- almost half of that in the last month and a half.

2005-06 -- planning and purchasing process for the next generation of WISCAT
WLA program Thursday, 2pm, in the Mangrove room
Planning activities: survey of system clearinghouse practices, RFI on costs, ILL workgroup (revised guidelines), open vendor demos in 2005

Vendors responding to RFP:

Auto-Graphics selected for catalog and resource sharing components

What will change?
Virtual catalog searching available with union catalog searching
Managing and sorting results sets will be easier
Where you manage ILL requests -- "considerably easier to use"

What will be better?
Filter ILL requests by media type and availability (where Z39.50 available)
Book club requests
Patron alert when something is owned locally

For more info, attend the Thursday session, "Statewide Resource Sharing and Information Access"

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