Thursday, July 07, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Attend This Year’s WLA Conference in Milwaukee Nov 1 – 4

10. Well, for one thing, that’s where it’s located this year…scheesh! (The Dells is so “2010”…)

9.  Celebrate the lack of November elections this year!

8.  Milwaukee is known as the Beer Capital of the World. (See reason #9 to appreciate why this might be relevant.)

7.  Can you say Silent Auction? Fantastic items to bid on, beginning Wednesday, November 2nd as part of the WLA Foundation’s Silent Auction!

6.  Our conference hotel, the acclaimed Hilton Milwaukee City Center…this ain’t the Bates Motel, that’s for sure! (Right, mother?)

5.  Those wacky after hours parties playfully discussing whether Melville Dewey’s hot new classification system really has a chance of catching on… (See 025.4 DEW)

4.  Hey, anything to get out of the library…uh, I mean, anything you can do to increase your knowledge and skill sets when it comes to the latest trends in library science and serving your beloved patrons!

3.  E-books, schmee-books…you want to learn about the next hot trend in publishing.

2.  Milwaukee is home to Harley-Davidson, developer of the Harley WLA motorcycle…really!  

(You’re a librarian…look it up.)

1.  Outstanding speakers and break-out sessions; brilliant insights into the latest trends  in the industry; beautiful host hotel and convention center; Milwaukee is A Great Place on A Great Lake; excellent food and entertainment options; fabulous opportunities to meet with friends and peers; all this and more at an affordable rate!  Be sure to visit to look at the exciting schedule of sessions and events. 

Come celebrate WLA’s 120th Anniversary in Milwaukee this fall, and learn more about “Libraries – A Renewable Resource” at your 2011 WLA Conference. And be sure to check out our Pre-Conference offerings on November 1st – “Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like” or “Leading Through Communication” or “Lightning Fast Succession Planning”– followed by a fun vendor reception from 4:00 – 6:00.

Milwaukee this November… “Be there or be square!”*               *Milwaukee icon, “The Fonz”

Michael Kenney
2011 WLA Conference Publicity Chair


Paula Ganyard said...

Love the list! I recently saw a Harley WLA motorcycle at a museum near Pearl Harbor.

Joyce said...

Are the pre-conferences on the 1st or the 31st? Joyce

Lisa Strand said...

Pre-conferences are on November 1!

diana said...

Thanks for the light hearted schpeel. love it