Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Library Legislative Day 2010

Mark your calendars NOW!
Library Legislative Day is only: 40 Days, 15 hours, 17 minutes, and a decreasing number of seconds away.

Register today for this fun and important event. Go to the WLA website today and print out the registration form or, Even Better, login on to memberclicks and register. Visiting the Wisconsin state capitol offices gives you a chance to share your library's story with your state legislator or a member of their staff. As librarians, we provide core services to our communities and many libraries are the only place for your friends and neighbors and others to read the newspaper, fill out a job application online, read the newest book to their child, find valuable medical information as a care giver, and much more.
Please join us on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 in Madison and tell your legislator the stories of your library serving your community.
For more information, check out the Library Legislative Day pages on the WLA website!

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