Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WLA 2007: Web 2.0

Keith Schroeder

Presented by Keith Schroeder, who also gave a great session on podcasting before this one.

What is Web 2.0?
  • RSS
  • wikis
  • new programming tools: AJAX, API
  • blogs
  • recommender function
  • personalized alerts
  • folksonomies
  • social networking
  • IM
  • ways to connect people and encourage collaboration
For a good video, see Web 2.0 on youtube.

Sites to try:
  • Bloglines (RSS reader)
  • (social bookmarking - see the presenter's bookmarks at )
  • Doodle (polls)
  • Skype (voice over IP - Schroeder suggested using this to connect with authors: if you have a computer, projector and webcam, and the author has a webcam, you could project your web session with the author for a distance ed/program - good idea!)
  • zamzar (file conversion)
  • Firefox (web browser - tabbed browsing, loads of extensions to customize it the way you want it)
  • zoho (free MS Office-like products)
  • meebo (instant messaging)
  • slideshare (slide sharing... doh!)
  • writeboard (similar to a wiki, but more like a whiteboard)
  • CalendarHub (shared calendars)
Check out this Top 10 Tools Lists for Learning.

What can you do with these tools?
  • move your support system to a message board
  • use them for products that can help you not to repeat yourself (create podcasts)
  • move your intranet to a wiki
  • find out who your passionate users are
  • create wikis on specialized topics
  • use TeacherTube or Google video (not as much junk on those sites & Google video uses a review process before posting anything) to share instructional materials
Why do we need to pay attention to this?
  • It's not going away!
  • focus on what you CAN do
  • instead of just saying NO - work with staff, patrons, etc. to see how you can help them
  • you need to embrace what you can and work with people to make the best of Web 2.0 work
  • it's what's best for patrons
The sites shared were pretty mainstream, so I didn't feel like I heard many new things. However! I will definitely be checking out his Web 2.0 links, because there's lots of stuff there I haven't come across before. He also recommended going to Go2Web20 for a comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools to try. And, last but not least, Schroeder has created a list of all of the things presented in his talk, along with the PowerPoint, available on his web site. Fun ahead!

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