Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Perry's "Truck: A Love Story" 2007 Banta Winner

New Auburn author Michael Perry uses wry, self-deprecating humor and rich metaphor to lovingly portray the people and places of his daily life. In Truck, Perry pays homage to small town America and to love found unexpectedly and all it brings. The Literary Awards Committee of Readers Section also chose three authors for their body of work, designated as Notable Wisconsin Authors: Jerold Apps, Russel B. Nye, and George Vukelich. The committee's complete news release includes the list of books selected for Outstanding Achievement.


bill said...

Such a good writer, it was a joy to read. I've now given this book to my parents, my sister and my brother as gifts (which were enjoyed by all). Excellent choice for this award.

bill said...

Michael Perry is such a good writer it made this a great book to read. I've given this as a gift to my parents, my sister and my brother, enjoyed by all. Excellent choice for this award.