Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WLA 2006: Hints for the Kalahari

Like Pete wrote, almost everything you need is under one roof--and if you didn't bring it you can buy it here.

However, if you'd rather NOT buy it here, here are some hints:

BYOC--There is good high speed cabled internet access in the rooms, but they don't provide cables so bring your own.

There is wireless access at the convention center and in the hotel lobby, and a couple of internet stations in the halls between the hotel and the convention center.

Coat Hangers -- there are only 8 coathangers in a room, so you might want to bring some--or else pack more sensibly than I did.

If you plan to use the WaterPark (which is a blast, BTW), bring flip-flops or water shoes and some sort of cover-up/shirt, or your own beach towel. It is a fairly long walk from the hotel rooms to the park and you can't take towels from one place to the other. It costs money to rent lockers.

There are refrigerators (empty & usable--not pre-stocked with outrageously expensive liquor) and microwaves in the hotel rooms.

That's all I can think of at the moment...Have a safe drive, see you soon!

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