Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Board to Consider Dues Structure Change
The WLA Finance Committee will recommend a news dues structure to the WLA Board August 20. The purpose of the proposal is to make the WLA dues structure more equitable than the current one, which provides for 7 categories of dues based on salary. Some members have been concerned that there is a greater difference between categories of dues at lower salary levels than at higher salaries. In addition, those with lower salaries pay a greater percentage of their income for dues. The proposed new schedule would be based on a flat $3.00 per $1,000 of salary. The Board hopes to hear more from members before taking action on the proposal.


Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to contact the Finance Committee about this topic?

Lisa said...

You can get contact information for the Finance Committee in your membership directory or on the website at

Nancy McClements said...

Just wanted to thank you all for your many comments on this issue in response to my email. I'll send a wrap-up before the Board meeting, but in general, the response has been positive for the change.