Thursday, October 18, 2007

WLA 2007: UW-Madison Libraries/Google Partnership

UW-Madison Libraries/Google Partnership
a presentation by Ed Van Gemert, Deputy Director, General Library System, UW-Madison; and Irene Zimmerman, Head, Cataloging Department and Google Project Manager, UW-Madison
GBS allows you to search the full text of books, if the item is pre-1923

The books in GBS come primarily from 2 sources:
  1. publishers
  2. libraries
Once you've searched GBS and found a book, you can...
  • browse books online under full view, limited preview, or snippet view (if item is post-1923; in copyright)
  • search within the book
  • find similar titles
  • buy the book or request it through interlibrary loan
  • download public-domain books
digitization of books is achieved through non-destructive scanning

online items are not preservation quality; it's all about discovery & access to materials

Wisconsin's involvement:
  • UW-Madison initiated discussions in early 2006
  • established partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society
  • contract agreement negotiations from May-Oct 2006
  • developed "Statement on Principles and Values"
  • the agreement stipulates a university digital copy of each file, including items that are still in copyright
  • primary focus areas: Federal government documents, state government documents, historic documents, patent info
  • additional books from the genealogy collection from Wisconsin Historical Society, and theses & dissertations
  • the first shipment of books was sent to Google 3 Apr 2007; materials from several libraries are shipped to Google every 4 weeks
Google paid for all the costs of preparation, shipping, and digitization

shared digital repository among CIC libraries (Michigan, Indiana, et. al.)

Project Planning: a project management team was appointed, based on advice from a Google liaison

Determined criteria for inclusion based on size, format, and condition of book

the book's temporary location in MadCat indicates it's checked out

Upcoming issue --how to get links to the digitized book into the book's bibliographic record in MadCat

the more of a book a publisher shows, the more copies of books it sells

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